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Marvell Heat Transfer Oil 32 (205 L)

Marvell Heat Transfer Oil 32 is a high performance product intended for use in closed indirect heating systems, but can also be used in an open heating system at a lower temperature range.

It is formulated from highly refined base stocks that are resistant to thermal cracking and chemical oxidisation. It has good heat transfer qualities and the viscosity is such that it can be pumped easily at start and up temperatures. The flash point of this oil will not decrease significantly during service owing to its resistance to thermal cracking at the recommended operating temperature.

Marvell Heat Transfer Oil 32 is recommended for use in both closed and open, cold- oil sealed, indirect heating and cooling systems where bulk oil temperatures are -7 to 180.

Weight 212 kg
Dimensions 59 × 59 × 89 cm



ISO 32


Mineral base oil


AFNOR NFE 48603 (HM), CINCINNATI MILACRON P-68, DIN 51524 Part 2- 3, P-69 and P-70, Vickers I-286-S