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More than 25 years of experience and continued research and development in lubricants has helped us to become a key player with exceptional knowledge and ability to troubleshoot and provide distinct solutions to our clients in the lubricant industry. We are more than just an oil supplier; WE ARE LUBRICANT ENGINEERS.

Marvell can be your choice of trusted supplier for high quality automotive fluids, greases, industrial oils and a wide range of raw materials including base oils and additives.

Our Company

We can make Lubricant Technology Accessible!

Lubricant in machineries acts like blood in the body and plays very critical role. You do not see the blood but you will feel the impact. This is what we have done in Marvell products. We have made them make you feel the change and performance, you will sense Marvell under that feet pressing accelerator, you will sense the engine going smoother and less noisy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

It is in our interest to send you home happy. It is a happy you that will bring you back and sends more customers to us. As simple as that. This is the core of our business strategy to keep you satisfied in every manner related to us; technically, economically and ethically.



We produce high quality lubricants and car care products, suitable for current machineries and equipment, with minimum harmful effects on environment. We seek progressive stakeholders’ satisfaction through ongoing broad research and development.


To continuously recruit and train innovative employees who are self-motivated in order to bring about organizational well-being and development which leads to unending technological, ethical and economic improvement.