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Marvell Biodegradable Saw Blade Oil ISO 46 205L

Marvell Saw Blade Oil is biodegradable vegetable based oil, specifically formulated for to give excellent lubrication, resist resin build-up on blades and reduce bacterial contamination in Saw Mill equipment.

Saw Blade Oil is based on locally grown vegetable oil.

Marvell Saw Blade Oil provides an environment on the metal surface that resists adhesion by contaminates to the metals.

Operational problems in Saw Mills
During use, saw blades become contaminated with pitch, sap, resins and other wood-based materials that cling to the teeth and surrounding areas of the blade body. This effectively coats the body and cutting edges, making the blade act as though it is dull. Friction and heat increase, cutting is more difficult and the cut edges of the timber are not as clean. Resins also insulate the blade, preventing the normal dissipation of heat, increasing heat build-up even more. Excessive heat not only accelerates the dulling process, it could cause the blade to warp or otherwise distort during use, increasing the chances of binding or kickback.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, dull blades are more dangerous than sharp blades. And blades that cut at maximum efficiency place less strain on your saw motor.

A dirty blade sometimes needs more push-through force, slower feed rates, can cause the timber to skew sideways and it could even generate smoke. There have been many good blades discarded when a simple cleaning could have reclaimed much of its useable life. Rollers Wheels and guides have similar problems.

Formulated for use with Band Saws, Circular Saws, Rollers, Wheels and Guides.

Marvell Saw Blade Oil can be used neat (or mixed with desired amount of water) by applying a small amount of the Saw Blade Oil on a consistent basis.

Application may be by way of numerous means including being sprayed on, gravity feed, pumped on with fixed dosing pump, or applied by means of an absorbent pad.

Saw Blade Oil is used neat or can be mixed with water.

Weight 212 kg
Dimensions 59 × 59 × 89 cm



ISO 46




Formulated using canola oil