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Marvell 10W-40 CJ-4–SN–E9 SemiSynthetic 20L

10W/40 CJ-4/SN Semi Syn engine oil is the very latest CJ-4/SN/E9 rated multi-grade high performance detergent-type diesel and petrol engine oil developed for high performance turbo-charged and naturally aspirated diesel engines. This new technology has over 1.6 million km’s of field trials with 80,000 kilometres ODI showing the oil will provide better protection, easy cranking in cold weather, reduced emissions, very high temperature stability and ample TBN reserve after 60k to 80K ODI’s. The low SAPS levels will suit the needs of mixed fleet operators including those with petrol engines with catalytic converters.

Recommended for high-performance diesel applications including turbo-charged designs
featuring EGR
• technology and diesel applications using older, naturally aspirated conventional designs
• On-highway heavy-duty trucking and off-highway including construction, mining, quarrying, and
• On-highway applications operating in both high speed/high load and short haul pick-up/delivery
• Off-highway applications operating in severe low speed/heavy load conditions
• Recommended for use in high performance gasoline engines and mixed fleet operations
• Diesel-powered equipment from American and European OEMs
• Tier III 2007+ model year heavy duty diesel engines.
• Diesel engines (Turbocharged and naturally aspirated)
• Petrol engines (Leaded and Unleaded fuels)
• LPG fueled engines
• For all types of trucks, earthmoving equipment, stationary engines, cars and light commercials
where a CJ-4 diesel rating or SN petrol rating is required.
• Fully backwards compatible so this product reduces inventory markedly

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 cm







11-05 CAT ECF-3; ECF-2; ECF 1A Cummins CES 20076, 228.31 Renault RLD-3 MAN M3575-1 MTU Type 2.1 Deutz DQC 111-10-LA, 77, 78, 81 Detroit Diesel 93K218, 93K214 Scania Low Ash Allison C4 JASO DH – 2, 93K215, API CJ-4 API SN ACEA E9-08 issue 2, E7-08 issue 2 Volvo VDS-3; VDS-4 MACK EO-O Premium Plus, EO-N PP MB 228.3