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Marvell 10W-30 UTTO Agritrans (20L)

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Marvell Agritrans UTTO 10W-30 is a premium universal tractor transmission oil designed to meet the diverse lubrication needs of modern agricultural equipment. This advanced oil formulation combines the properties of a hydraulic fluid, transmission oil, and wet brake lubricant, providing comprehensive protection for your tractor.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Performance: Agritrans UTTO 10W-30 ensures smooth operation of transmissions, hydraulics, and wet brakes, offering versatile performance for various agricultural applications.
  2. Exceptional Wear Protection: The advanced anti-wear additives in this oil provide excellent protection to gears, bearings, and hydraulic components, extending their service life.
  3. Friction Modifier Technology: Formulated with friction modifiers, it prevents chatter and slippage in wet brakes, ensuring reliable braking performance.
  4. Thermal Stability: Agritrans UTTO 10W-30 maintains its viscosity and lubricating properties even under high-temperature conditions, protecting against thermal breakdown.
  5. Oxidation Resistance: The oil’s resistance to oxidation helps maintain its performance over an extended period, contributing to equipment durability.
  6. Rust and Corrosion Protection: Special additives create a protective barrier, guarding against rust and corrosion in critical components.
  7. Enhanced Pumpability: Its low-temperature fluidity ensures smooth pumpability in cold weather, facilitating quick starts and efficient hydraulic operation.

Applications: Marvell Agritrans UTTO 10W-30 is suitable for use in transmissions, hydraulic systems, and wet brakes of tractors and other agricultural machinery where the specified performance level is met.

Ensure optimal performance, durability, and reliability for your agricultural equipment with Marvell Agritrans UTTO 10W-30. Trust in this premium lubricant to keep your farm machinery running smoothly, season after season.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 cm